What is ridesharing?
Ridesharing is simply a way to use innovative technologies to connect participating drivers with individuals who need a ride – providing a safe, convenient way to get around. User-friendly, tech-based ridesharing platforms are available for download through a variety of applications in hundreds of cities and towns across the nation.
What are the benefits of ridesharing?
From curbing drunk driving to growing local economies, ridesharing provides a number of benefits for communities across Florida. Passengers know they can get a comfortable ride where and when they need it. Drivers gain the freedom to work at times that are convenient for them, providing a flexible means for thousands of Floridians to earn extra income. Ridesharing passengers report that they enjoy outings more often and stay out longer, which in turn boosts local economies. Ridesharing is a safe, reliable, and cost-effective means of transportation.
Who benefits from ridesharing?
Just about everyone. The convenience of ridesharing options helps people in every walk of life and from every background. Ridesharing services provide a tremendous benefit for college students who want to have a safe transportation option while they’re out at night, just as much as they help senior citizens who are unable to drive but want to maintain their independence. The fact is that ridesharing services provide a convenient and easy-to-use transportation option for all Floridians and the people who travel here. The only ones who don’t benefit are those few who are stuck in the past and believe “the old way” of hired transportation services is the only way.
How do you plan to keep drivers and riders safe?
Keeping drivers and riders safe is the highest priority for developing comprehensive statewide ridesharing legislation. If Florida enacts comprehensive ridesharing legislation, companies would be required to have robust insurance coverage to keep drivers and passengers safe – in accordance with Florida state insurance law. Ridesharing services would adhere to the approved process of assessing drivers’ competence – including conducting background checks that review criminal and driving records. Drivers who fail this test are not permitted to become ridesharing drivers. Additionally, both drivers and riders are able to rate each other after each ride experience, allowing the market to reward outstanding drivers and passengers while weeding out the bad ones. As an extra layer of protection, individual platforms run toll-free hotlines to contact customer support 24/7 in case of accidents or any other incident. Together, these protections ensure that the public is kept safe.
Why does Florida need statewide ridesharing legislation?
Florida currently has a patchwork of local regulations that vary from one county to the next, and from one city to the next. This is confusing and inconvenient for passengers and drivers alike, stifling the convenience of this innovative transportation option for everyone. Florida needs statewide ridesharing legislation that protects drivers and passengers while fostering innovation, competition, and consumer choice. Such common-sense legislation would promote convenient, cost-effective transportation options while safeguarding public safety.