New Bills Introduced to Bring Ridesharing to ALL of Florida

Here we go! Two new bills were introduced in Tallahassee today that, if approved, would clear the road for ridesharing services to operate throughout Florida.

The bills, SB 340 and HB 221, are sponsored by Senator Jeff Brandes and Representative Chris Sprowls respectively, and would cut through red tape created by local governments that restrict or prohibit ridesharing services from operating in many parts of Florida.

“These are frontier companies and the traditional fortress companies have worked to keep them out for the last few years,” Brandes said. “We think this is the year to take a stand and really try to tear down those walls.”

Florida is now one of only twelve states that have failed to pass one set of rules for ridesharing. Some of those other twelve states don’t even have Uber or Lyft yet.

We thank Senator Brandes and Representative Sprowls for their support, and look forward to working with them to pass this long overdue legislation and unleash ridesharing services to improve Florida’s transportation options, create economic opportunity, and fight drunk driving.