20+ Groups to Tallahassee: Bring Ridesharing to ALL of Florida

Groups from across Florida banded together today to call on the state legislature to cut through the red tape and allow ridesharing services to operate throughout the state.

Ridesharing services have brought tremendous benefits to Florida from reliable, affordable rides for passengers to allowing drivers to earn extra money. But services like Lyft and Uber are currently governed by a patchwork of local rules that restrict or even prohibit them from operating in many parts of our state.

Today, over 20 organizations joined our coalition to call on the state legislature to fix this problem by following the lead from 38 other states and approving one set of rules for ridesharing in Florida.

Coalition members include the Florida Chamber, Florida Hispanic Chamber, Chamber, Associated Industries of Florida, National Down Syndrome Society, Lighthouse of the Big Bend, Orlando Tech Association, and more. Consider joining us.

We’re already making good progress. Our coalition is supporting SB 340 and HB 221 in the Senate and House respectively, and we expect HB 221 to be voted on by the full House soon.

Sen. Jeff Brandes, the sponsor of SB 340:

Floridians and tourists depend on these services, and we can’t afford to keep our head buried in the sand and pretend consumers would want to shut them out to protect outmoded services. Comprehensive and consistent statewide regulations are necessary for these services to serve the public effectively.

Rep. Chris Sprowls, the sponsor of HB 221:

This legislation is not just about the economic benefits and convenience of ridesharing, it’s also about safety. Ridesharing provides a reliable form of transportation to those who cannot – or should not – drive themselves. Our legislation seeks to reinforce that safety and protect riders and drivers alike.

Chamber Executive Vice President David Hart:

Whether they are giving business travelers an easier way to get around or providing employment options to more Floridians, ridesharing offers a tangible economic benefit to our state. Our state’s economic future depends on encouraging creative thinking, and ridesharing services are the cutting edge of innovation.

Julio Fuentes, President and CEO of the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce:

Ridesharing services help countless Floridians have access to an innovative, convenient, and affordable method of transportation while providing drivers with the opportunity to generate extra income. Companies like Lyft and Uber are helping create the transportation options of tomorrow and the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is proud to support statewide legislation that brings clarity and consistency to our state’s ridesharing regulations.

Here is a full list of organizations that support Floridians for Ridesharing:

Florida Chamber of Commerce
Associated Industries of Florida
Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Internet Association
Floridians for Better Transportation
National Down Syndrome Society
Floridians for Government Accountability
Florida Council for Safe Communities
Florida Faith and Freedom Coalition
Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce
South Tampa Chamber of Commerce
Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce
Greater Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce
Orlando Tech Association
Lighthouse of the Big Bend
Generation Opportunity
J. Taylor Distributing Florida
Jacksonville Armada Football Club
Beaver Street Fisheries, Inc.
Dalton Agency
The New Tropic